Meat Box Add-On

Meat Box Add-On

  • $79.00

Week 1 - Ramsay Hill grass-fed ground beef (2 lbs)

Week 2 - Happy Landing Ranch pasture-raised, non -gmo chicken breast (2 lbs)

Week 3 - Ramsay Hill grass-fed ground beef (2 lbs)

Week 4 - Happy Landing Ranch pasture-raised, non-gmo whole chicken (2.5-4 lbs)

Ramsay Hill Ranch  is located in Mt. Vernon, TX and Happy Landing Ranch is located in Sulphur Springs, TX.  Both are committed to non-gmo, no hormones, and raising animals on grass.  Ramsay Hill is a grass-fed cattle ranch where the animals only have grass, water and minerals available to them.  At Happy Landing Ranch the chickens are raised on untreated pasture in moveable pins where they can graze on fresh pasture and they are fed non-gmo feed and water.