About us

We're about Farm to Table ::  We're a big fan of traceability - knowing where our food comes from and how it's grown/raised.  What you don't know about your food can hurt you.  Know where your food comes from.  Come visit us in Mt. Vernon, TX and meet the cows we raise.

We're about Wise Stewardship :: We believe that we're just stewards here.  Our Creator is the One who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills."  No sparrow falls to the ground without His knowing.  In light of this truth, we hope to steward our little plot of earth with respect, wisdom and purity.  For us that means a chemical-free, humane and organic environment.

We’re about Health :: You are what you eat…no really.  Healthy soil = healthy grass = healthy animals = healthy people.   What the cows ingest returns back to the land again, so we want them to eat the best grass/forage we can grow.  Cows were specifically created to break down grass/forage in a way that is unique to their species.  Their bodies were not designed to properly digest grain/feed/corn which is why our cows will be 100% grass-fed their entire lives.  A steady diet of 100% grass results in beef that tastes better and is one of the healthiest foods you will ever put in your mouth.  See HERE for more info about the health benefits of grass-fed beef.

We're about Deliciousness :: We are investing our lives in raising wholesome foods because we believe they result in optimal health...and because they are DELICIOUS!!!! Try our beef and we think you'll agree.  When cows eat what they were designed to, the beef that results is robust, moist, tender and full of flavor.  Your tastebuds will applaud you.

We’re about the Kingdom :: Our industrialized food system has put a veil between us and our food, but when you remove the veil and begin tracing the food back to the source – you may wind up in a lab somewhere or in the middle of a putrid waste pile at a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation).  When we began learning about the American food system, it disturbed us so much that we began to change the way we ate.  One thing led to another and over the past couple years we have met many farmers, ranchers and bee keepers who grow the food we eat.  There is something sacred about seeing the food you are about to eat being raised/grown.  It is humbling and it is a constant reminder of the truth that for us to have life, there must be death.  This truth points us back to Jesus, who willingly laid down His life so that we could have life. That's radical love.  It's Him that we follow in this journey.

 Journey with us.